Friday, May 26, 2017

#10YearsWed - Happy Anniversary to Us!!

And since our wedding was in the early days of Facebook, back when photo albums had a limit of 60 photos to an album for the first time ever all of our photos are in one place - we haven't actually gotten around to getting all of the physical photos in one place yet ;)

A lot's happened in 10 years - and I'm looking forward to kicking back tonight and watch Rich Hall at the Gatehouse, picking up a pizza on the way home and enjoy it with a bottle of fizz as is our tradition - since that's how we were still partying at 3am on the evening of our wedding. This was before we got up the next morning, heading back to our flat and serving up breakfast to everyone.

Such a happy day, surrounded by friends and family - not all of them with us still - so it's lovely to have this record of that sunny, breezy day in the city we loved, surrounded by people that loved us.