Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Wall Tiles are up and they look amazing

The white grout makes them pop but none of the pictures do justice to the deep inky blue of the tiles.

What's left to do is the floor (white tiles) - which should be done by the end of the day and the putting the bathroom pottery and the shower in place (Thursday's job I guess) and then the fitters from Wickes are done.

Then, after Christmas we'll need to paint it (white) put up shelves in the alcove, find some baskets, and some storage and sort out bit and pieces and then it's done - and it will be so very nice to have a bathroom upstairs again. We're lucky to have a cloakroom downstairs, and lovely neighbors who've let us use their showers - but we brought a house with a upstairs bathroom for a reason. These last few weeks have cemented the idea that we made the right choice in this decision.