Monday, December 05, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Uncovering the past

Work was meant to start today on the bathroom but it's been delayed a day or two by the fitters having over run on the job before. That's ok - we've cleared the diary of any entertaining or having guests in the house until after Christmas anyway in case this kind of thing happened - we learnt from the kitchen makeover that these things happen and it will all be ok.

What we did manage to do last night was finally work out (we think) the different configurations of the back of the upstairs that has given us such an interesting space to work in.

We know it's fitted into to the extension that squared off of the house (and gave us a massive kitchen) - and the information we do have on the house states that was around 1983.

This must have brought a bathroom upstairs for the first time -and judging by some very technical artex analysis (squirly in one bit, stippeled in another) and some weird details that have never made sense with the tiles (more on this) we finally worked out that there must have been a stud wall and a longer corridor then there is now.

At some point whoever owned the house decided to reconfigure the bathroom, move the sink and add a shower cubical. Changing where the door went and incorporating a window (which does make that 
back bit of corridor quite dark - but did elongate the bathroom.

We're not doing anything as dramatic as moving walls or doors, but hopefully the planned reconfiguration and removing the shower cubical should make a massive difference to the space. It just needs to start work now.

Also you can see why I didn't study anything past GCSE in graphics (although I did get an A*)