Friday, August 05, 2016

What! Really! Why??

So, walking through Dundee's shopping centre to grab a photo of it's vegetable vending machine (in case I'd imagined it - I hadn't) I also spotted this.

Now, back in the day - I loved my (massive) Troll collection - I do't know why - but I did. I have a weird feeling my mum sent them over with all of my Sylvanian Family stuff so now I might even be retro cool.

Anyway, I dind't just collect trolls - which were pointless things to collect - I categorised my trolls, using Protext - I designed more then one version of my troll database - categorised by hair colour (pink, green, yellow, multi etc), size (tiny, small, medium) and features (looks like Elvis, BK kids Klub trolls and so on)

But Trolls the pc game was one game I can remember being brought for me - and I got good at it too. It was my game I let my brother play. It was hard too if I recall - I might see if it's available to play or download anywhere but I bet I'm rubbish at it now...