Saturday, August 13, 2016

#Commuterbaby test walk

Nothing like an 8mile mooch around town to test a fancy new toddler carrier.

Lillebaby 3-1 Carry On quick Review - Very comfortable and easy to wear (if a little bit moist around the waist band on a warm day) - but despite some excellent efforts on behalf of Brit trying to wriggle out of it he felt safe and secure and my back didn't hurt at all which was nice. So onwards to Monday!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A short history of #commuterbaby so far

It's Wednesday of the first week of doing a commute by train since I moved to Stafford from Liverpool. It's felt a bit like starting a new school or a new job it's so exciting (and nicely familiar at the same time). What makes this more exciting is that I'm doing this commute with Brit ever morning, since he's now at the Stoke nursery. (Settled in like a champ, like he's always been there etc)

Initially I've used the tried and trusted Littlelife backpack - which is fab, but not for trains. Brit hates being strapped into anything - and the boy can wriggle - like wriggle out of the bottom (or half wriggle out, not entirely sure he can escape - but he can also wriggle out of the straps - despite the addition of a Stop Strap - which works great for keeping him from wriggling from his car seat and his pushchairs (also a problem) - but in this case did nothing much to keep him in place. Yesterday morning I had to carry Brit because I didn't quite have time to try and force him back into the backpack and I had to run for the train (not an easy combo).

I've been using the reins a lot too, mainly to stop him escaping at Stone station and managing to contain him slightly on the train carriage (which might be the best place ever is your 21 months old). Since I ended up carrying him anyway I thought I'd try the 'Hip Seat' I brought when I saw someone using one at the park and a quick google suggested it might be a good investment - and it does help a bit, this morning was a lot easier to maneuver at the train station and I didn't have to keep checking if he'd escaped. Especially since on the train it's self he doesn't want to be strapped in and wants to play with his new train buddies.

It's Aunty Kitty!!
What using the backpack has reminded me is I miss more classic babywearing - and having Brit upfront - I used a P&P Mei Tai wrap for ages when Brit was little and having him on my front was fab. It was practical, I could keep an eye on him, have my own backpack, use an umbrella and he couldn't escape easily - so I'm immensely excited to have a super fancy, Rolls Royce of Baby (a Lillebaby CarryOn) carriers on order - it arrives next week - I'll report back on how I get on.

Friday, August 05, 2016

What! Really! Why??

So, walking through Dundee's shopping centre to grab a photo of it's vegetable vending machine (in case I'd imagined it - I hadn't) I also spotted this.

Now, back in the day - I loved my (massive) Troll collection - I do't know why - but I did. I have a weird feeling my mum sent them over with all of my Sylvanian Family stuff so now I might even be retro cool.

Anyway, I dind't just collect trolls - which were pointless things to collect - I categorised my trolls, using Protext - I designed more then one version of my troll database - categorised by hair colour (pink, green, yellow, multi etc), size (tiny, small, medium) and features (looks like Elvis, BK kids Klub trolls and so on)

But Trolls the pc game was one game I can remember being brought for me - and I got good at it too. It was my game I let my brother play. It was hard too if I recall - I might see if it's available to play or download anywhere but I bet I'm rubbish at it now...