Sunday, December 25, 2016

Yo! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We've got a Pirate themed Christmas this year - so I hope everyone is eating as much chocolate coins and drink as much rum as we are!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Wall Tiles are up and they look amazing

The white grout makes them pop but none of the pictures do justice to the deep inky blue of the tiles.

What's left to do is the floor (white tiles) - which should be done by the end of the day and the putting the bathroom pottery and the shower in place (Thursday's job I guess) and then the fitters from Wickes are done.

Then, after Christmas we'll need to paint it (white) put up shelves in the alcove, find some baskets, and some storage and sort out bit and pieces and then it's done - and it will be so very nice to have a bathroom upstairs again. We're lucky to have a cloakroom downstairs, and lovely neighbors who've let us use their showers - but we brought a house with a upstairs bathroom for a reason. These last few weeks have cemented the idea that we made the right choice in this decision.

Monday, December 19, 2016

@bcwearn Amazing Birthday weekender Round-up

Wow! What a wonderful weekend!

The kitchen was a success!

The Party was a success and the cake looked amazing


New Train sets & Onesies were amazing...

Thank you everyone who helped us celebrate our amazing son's 2nd birthday.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover update - Atlantis Blue Tiles

I assume naming tiles is not as exciting as naming paint but these really are a lovely shade of dark blue.

It's just tiling and fitting to do now I think from the professionals...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday @bcwearn

Our amazing baby boy turns 2 today - there's a weekend of exciting things planned but he really has given us so much joy over the last 2 years. He's an absolute superstar.

He has gone off, as is tradition, with a caterpillar cake for nursery, and has stage 1 of his birthday presents bonaza to open tonight when he comes home

Thursday, December 08, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover Day 1 - We had a bathroom once

That was quick...

The plasterer arrives tomorrow but it seems we need a new floor?

Casa Wearn Census history

So, working out the history of the bathroom over the years reminds me that I did do a bit of work on who used to live in our house.

We know it was built around 1910 so the first port of call was the 1911 census.

Even with 5 in the house it must have been fairly room and pleasant - to be in a brand new house but I was surprised she's there as a widow - so I did a bit more digging and she turns up on the 1901 census - married to an engineer called George and living on Newport Rd.

Since it's not actually my family I'm not doing much more research but when the 1921 census comes out I'll be sure to have another look to see if she's still there - or if not her, then who.

Monday, December 05, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Uncovering the past

Work was meant to start today on the bathroom but it's been delayed a day or two by the fitters having over run on the job before. That's ok - we've cleared the diary of any entertaining or having guests in the house until after Christmas anyway in case this kind of thing happened - we learnt from the kitchen makeover that these things happen and it will all be ok.

What we did manage to do last night was finally work out (we think) the different configurations of the back of the upstairs that has given us such an interesting space to work in.

We know it's fitted into to the extension that squared off of the house (and gave us a massive kitchen) - and the information we do have on the house states that was around 1983.

This must have brought a bathroom upstairs for the first time -and judging by some very technical artex analysis (squirly in one bit, stippeled in another) and some weird details that have never made sense with the tiles (more on this) we finally worked out that there must have been a stud wall and a longer corridor then there is now.

At some point whoever owned the house decided to reconfigure the bathroom, move the sink and add a shower cubical. Changing where the door went and incorporating a window (which does make that 
back bit of corridor quite dark - but did elongate the bathroom.

We're not doing anything as dramatic as moving walls or doors, but hopefully the planned reconfiguration and removing the shower cubical should make a massive difference to the space. It just needs to start work now.

Also you can see why I didn't study anything past GCSE in graphics (although I did get an A*)

Monday, November 14, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Before pictures

It's funny how quickly you forget what something was like before you change it. we didn't really take enough pictures of the kitchen before - so it was hard to really get a sense of the transformation - but here's some before pics of the bathroom for reference.

I've thought more then once about painting that wall / shower and do something like this:

but more importantly it's going and removing that will make such a difference to the space.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

#WearnBathroomMakeover - What's with all the sludge coloured tiles

The kitchen tiles were easy - we never thought about anything other then white metro tiles, having been inspired by every hipster bakery and coffee shop we've ever been in.

The bathroom's a different beast  - It's a bright room, with 3 windows - and white tiles seemed a little bit stark (also we'd only just sold the leftover kitchen tiles on ebay and it pained us to buy more)

Anyway - turns out tiles samples are a thing, and a very necessary thing. Many of these tiles are very different from the pictures on the internet - at least 2 of them are called duck egg' and a different from both the duck egg toilet seat we already have and any duck egg we've eaten.

The middle turquoise one that everyone liked on Facebook has a crackle glaze and the guy in the shop couldn't quite convince us it would work in a bathroom. What we also learnt is the difference in looking at tiles in different rooms and lights is outstanding. Tiles we liked downstairs looked like sludge upstairs and one's we'd discounted earlier suddenly came into their own.

A photo posted by Nia Wearn (@wormella83) on
So Metro Atlantis blue tiles it is =D Let's hope a wall of them isn't too much.

#WearnBathroomMakeover - planning

This time last year we embarked on the kitchen - this year it's the bathroom - the Kitchen was more work then we thought it would be - but it does look amazing, it's been a dream to cook in and a year has gone so we've forgotten the pain and chaos.

The bathroom is a funny thing in the house - a full size bath, a shower cubical, toilet & sink running along the length of the extension that squares off the kitchen. It's not small, but it's very narrow. Working out how to make it work better - while being aware it's getting harder to clean the shower tray and the paint is peeling off of the tiles - means once we worked out a way to make it work for us, via Pinterest, Charlotte and too much rum - It was full steam ahead in getting it done.

We learnt a few things from trying to project manage the kitchen ourselves - were not great at communicating with trades people and getting people to turn up to even give us quotes was hard work - and it all stretched on longer then we'd have liked. We don't want that hassle with the bathroom - harder to make a makeshift bathroom in the living room like we did the kitchen - so we've gone down the 'let's get the nice men at Wickes' to do it all.

So far the hardest thing has been picking the tiles - it should all be done by Christmas hopefully and you can see what we're planning / ordered on the pinterest board below.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Grown up portraits for the price of a pint

One of the lovely things about Stafford is it's a nice little hub for creatives - and these things mean getting professional photos done in a pop up portrait studio set up at the back of your usual pub for less then a price of a couple of pints is a fairly normal thing.

Kate at Shoot This Media took them (after convincing me her backdrop would look great) and a lot of jiggery pokery with lights so my glasses didn't look too shiny. There's been a few things recently where I've needed a decent photo and it's very nice to have up to date ones.

I might even be convinced to change my regular 'batgirl or an avatar' on twitter, maybe...

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Alexa say huh?

I'm enjoying having an amazon echo in the house, and I really like the ability to add things to a shopping list - but clearly something has gone amiss...

Unless I really did ask Alexa to add 'Razor Pheasant' to the shopping list this morning.

If anyone would like to suggest what I did actually ask Alexa to add to shopping lists at 6:30am answers on a post card please....

Friday, September 16, 2016

Living the Pinterest Dream

Just imagine, there was a time before you even knew gallery walls existed, let alone had one of your very own, in your very own house.

Also, it turns out hording picture frames for years and years makes doing this super cost effective - somewhere in the region of £3.60 for all of the printing...

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Fitbit Adventures

The fitbit app updated last night and I love the new feature of 'FitBit Adventures' - where your steps take you through a google map and panorama photo trek in some very pretty bits of the world.

I also love the idea there is a parallel me walking around Vernal Falls in Yosemite while I'm actually walking around Stoke. 15K steps is my target goal for any day - and I usually just hit it (although I don't get too angry at myself if I only hit my soft goal of 12K a day) but it's nice to have that extra motivation.

My more gamification side of my brain is piqued by the idea of collecting things so we'll see what this is all about I guess...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

#Commuterbaby test walk

Nothing like an 8mile mooch around town to test a fancy new toddler carrier.

Lillebaby 3-1 Carry On quick Review - Very comfortable and easy to wear (if a little bit moist around the waist band on a warm day) - but despite some excellent efforts on behalf of Brit trying to wriggle out of it he felt safe and secure and my back didn't hurt at all which was nice. So onwards to Monday!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A short history of #commuterbaby so far

It's Wednesday of the first week of doing a commute by train since I moved to Stafford from Liverpool. It's felt a bit like starting a new school or a new job it's so exciting (and nicely familiar at the same time). What makes this more exciting is that I'm doing this commute with Brit ever morning, since he's now at the Stoke nursery. (Settled in like a champ, like he's always been there etc)

Initially I've used the tried and trusted Littlelife backpack - which is fab, but not for trains. Brit hates being strapped into anything - and the boy can wriggle - like wriggle out of the bottom (or half wriggle out, not entirely sure he can escape - but he can also wriggle out of the straps - despite the addition of a Stop Strap - which works great for keeping him from wriggling from his car seat and his pushchairs (also a problem) - but in this case did nothing much to keep him in place. Yesterday morning I had to carry Brit because I didn't quite have time to try and force him back into the backpack and I had to run for the train (not an easy combo).

I've been using the reins a lot too, mainly to stop him escaping at Stone station and managing to contain him slightly on the train carriage (which might be the best place ever is your 21 months old). Since I ended up carrying him anyway I thought I'd try the 'Hip Seat' I brought when I saw someone using one at the park and a quick google suggested it might be a good investment - and it does help a bit, this morning was a lot easier to maneuver at the train station and I didn't have to keep checking if he'd escaped. Especially since on the train it's self he doesn't want to be strapped in and wants to play with his new train buddies.

It's Aunty Kitty!!
What using the backpack has reminded me is I miss more classic babywearing - and having Brit upfront - I used a P&P Mei Tai wrap for ages when Brit was little and having him on my front was fab. It was practical, I could keep an eye on him, have my own backpack, use an umbrella and he couldn't escape easily - so I'm immensely excited to have a super fancy, Rolls Royce of Baby (a Lillebaby CarryOn) carriers on order - it arrives next week - I'll report back on how I get on.

Friday, August 05, 2016

What! Really! Why??

So, walking through Dundee's shopping centre to grab a photo of it's vegetable vending machine (in case I'd imagined it - I hadn't) I also spotted this.

Now, back in the day - I loved my (massive) Troll collection - I do't know why - but I did. I have a weird feeling my mum sent them over with all of my Sylvanian Family stuff so now I might even be retro cool.

Anyway, I dind't just collect trolls - which were pointless things to collect - I categorised my trolls, using Protext - I designed more then one version of my troll database - categorised by hair colour (pink, green, yellow, multi etc), size (tiny, small, medium) and features (looks like Elvis, BK kids Klub trolls and so on)

But Trolls the pc game was one game I can remember being brought for me - and I got good at it too. It was my game I let my brother play. It was hard too if I recall - I might see if it's available to play or download anywhere but I bet I'm rubbish at it now...

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Persistant case of the Walkies

Brit is home from nursery with chicken pox - although apart form the spots he isn't remotely ill. We're holed up in the living room watching Star Wars for the first time (since his favourite books at the moment are these). I'm trying to do some work.

Pete is busy planning for the launch of Service Station Coffee on Monday so there's bit of paper, wood working projects and the like strewn around, hence trying to keep Brit in one room. Brit has other ideas.

In the space of 20 minutes he has done the following:

  • Brought me his shoes
  • Brought me his reins
  • Tried to put on his socks himself
  • Tried to put on his reins himself
  • Put on his iron man backpack
  • Tried to put on his hoodie himself (this led to some impromtue peek-a-boo)
  • Walked up to me and waved 'bye bye' repeatedly
  • Banged on the living room door (which he is so very close to being able to open of his own accord)
  • Brought me Pete's cowboy boots
  • Tried to put on Pete's cowboy boots himself
  • Kept pulling my arm away from the keyboard to stop me typing.
I think someone wants to go to the park...

Monday, February 08, 2016

Robert Overlord

I'm a little bit excited that when I get home Amazon should have delivered our lil' robot hoover - What we're actually getting is this - in my head what we're getting is this...

now it just needs a good name...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm a Barbie now...

my birthday is in the summer (hint hint)

She can keep Computer Engineer Barbie company in my new office in Stoke