Thursday, October 29, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Walls and Progress

Progress is happening, it's slower then we thought (although I have a theory that Pete's excellent coffee making skills isn't speeding things up at all) - but once the walls are done then and grouted that's it - and it's getting there.

Here's the sink unit in place, but not plumbed in. It had to be in place because these beauties are being tiles around it. Tempting as it was to go a bit crazy with the colours of the tiles, I made a a grown up decision to pick up two packs with some overlapping tiles in the same colourway. 

Mexican tiles from
 Since we've kept the mint green ceiling we painted ages ago (when we painted the kitchen white and got rid of the magnolia in an attempt to freshen it all up) it made sense to keep the same pallet - especially since the oven is British racing green too.

I think Pete had to do a little bit of explaining about how to get the desired effect, I'm not sure random comes easy to a tiler - but they look amazing on, just enough colour to pop around the sink.

 The rest of the walls are just white metro tiles, with a grey grout - which as Pete pointed out with some of the distressed wood and unusual furniture the kitchen has taken a swanky London coffees hop vibe - not a bad thing.