Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Opening up the space

This doesn't look that exciting, but it is - that relocated dishwashers heralds the end of the peninsular unit of doom

It used to take up so much room - and really only served to house the stopcock and plumbing that had once been along the wall of the kitchen before the extension. We're assuming in some jaunty way they used it as a breakfast bar, maybe - but we'd had to keep the front on with cabin hooks, hoped the tiles around it didn't disintegrate any further and wonder why inside the cabinet bit was a double plug connected but inaccessible.

And now it's gone, and it opens up the space nicely. Between the wall cabinets coming down and this being taken down the potential for the space in the kitchen is beginning to feel a very real reality.