Thursday, October 22, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Midway point

We're on Thursday - the floor is over half done - and should be finished by tomorrow. We've got the weekend to fit the sink, box off some pipes and cover up that delightful yellow squares.

Getting the sink unit in will make a big difference - once because although we have hot and cold water thanks to another trip to b&q - trying to do washing up in a little bowl isn't great. it will also give us a little bit of storage back - so we can start moving some of the detritus that's in the dining room out so we can move around again.

Highly sought after Ikea sink unit - who knew
Finding the right sink was a bit of a battle - we looked at lots of butler / belfast sinks and some industrial ones before finding a now discontinued Ikea Varde unit in Knutsford. It's going to look awesome - and hopefully all done and finished by this time next week.