Saturday, October 17, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Living in Chaos

I admit it now, I wasn't really prepared for the chaos of renovating a kitchen - and this in my eyes a fairly simple project - 2 trades (plumber / gas man and a tile man).

I hadn't really thought about what not living with a kitchen for any length of time would be like - let alone with a small person - who gratefully is fed 3 square meals a day in nursery and isn't hungry when he gets home. I'm not sure how you'd manage this with a stealthy small person at home - hats off to anyone on Grand Designs that does.

We have a mini kitchen set up in the dining room - microwave, toaster, electric kettle (we usually use a gas hob), coffee grinder and beans - very important - and we still have a sink etc so it's ok - but I'm finding not having space for anything, or prep anything hard going (and I admit not really the time or inclination to sort out the dining table when I get home - although that might be tonight's job)

What is good is we have everything in a storage unit in Stafford ready and waiting - the 'new' gas range should actually be in maybe today - which will help but I've planned raclette for tonight in case it isn't. Once the floor and walls are tiled we can work out where things are going - since it' all free standing furniture we can move things around to suit.

Today is Tuesday - the Tiles are delivered on Thursday - The Tiler is coming on Monday, this time next week it should all be done!