Monday, October 19, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Hipster Storage

We first got the idea of a free standing kitchen in our head - we were inspired by the sink unit in Pete's barber shop - which was an old vanity unit with a new sink in it.

When we got home to have a look at our kitchen we released we were already there to some extent - having brought a 50's larder in Liverpool, and used it extensively since then. We already had a kitchen table and neither of us are fans of integrated appliances. 

We know that's big enough to keep all of our food in, however since we've got rid of all of the built in cupboards we were suddenly very aware if what we didn't have - which was storage. Cue frantic ebay hunting.

The first thing we brought was this:

We actually only popped around to have a look at it - since it was local - and slightly awkwardly ended up buying it for the listed price since another 16 people were watching it and we were there - and it is huge. I've come to realsie that if you're hunting for 2nd hand furniture on ebay you watch everything / anything so that doesn't mean much in the scheme of things. but we brought it, and trundled home trying to avoid speed bumps

I feel vindicated in buying it now since it's currently sat, in the mudroom filled with all of our crockery with room to spare.

The 2nd bit of storage was this - we both fell in love with this instantly when it popped up on ebay -  it reminded us of a coffee shop we'd been into in Barcelona, where they had a similar system filled with cups and serviettes.

It did also involve a drive to Malton in Yorkshire - via a museum trip to Sheffield. It made us realsie that with a small person that doesn't like restraints, like a car seat, that items closer were better.

So the final things we've left to pick up are these from outside of Crewe - I think Pete's going to try and pick them up this afternoon.

I genuinely breathed a sigh of relief when we won this ebay auction - starting to get a bit bored of the constant hunting / searching / if we don't get this one what next?

If we've got too much storage (We've brought a kitchen trolley, remembering the sink has a big cupboard and there's space in the oven too)  We're also planning a clear out we can go hunt some more if we don't but I'm happy for now to see how we go. I'm very happy indeed to not have to set another reminder on my phone that a random auction is at an end.