Sunday, October 11, 2015

#WearnKitchenMakeover - floors in progress

Pete has a thing about Red quarry tiles - we looked at reclaimed ones, and that worked out at about £3785 (it's a big kitchen) and the cautionary tale that my brother picked up a load to do something with and they are still in the shed because of the effort to clean them.

Anyway - new red quarry tiles are very cheap and a bit of a conversation about how to lay them led to this image in my mother in law's Country Living - perfect inspiration.

Assuming it was just concert underneath the existing 'floor tiles of death' Pete has just sent me this photo - he's in charge of the manly task of stripping out the kitchen.

So we were bang on what we wanted, period to the house - we've just no idea now how many, in what condition or if the lovely tiling guy can work with them - but it feels like a good sign we're doing right by the house not going with a modern fitted kitchen.