Friday, October 09, 2015

How to do a kitchen make over - Casa Wearn Style #WearnKitchenMakeover

The story so far..

Step 2 - Eventually squirrel together some money
Step 3 - Be Brave and go and talk to every kitchen salesperson on a wet Bank Holiday Monday
Step 4 - Pick up so many brouchers you get confused, and realized despite your collective advanced education neither of you even have an idea of how to start pricing up a kitchen, you're not even sure you want - and no one seemed that enthused about selling to you.
Step 5 - Buy another pint, and something to entertain Brit while you work out what to do - because the kitchen is starting to get on your nerves and make you sad.
Step 6 - Get excited by the idea of just getting the utilities moved and the place tiled and filling it with awesome furniture
Step 8 - Obsessively scour EBay for things, and then working out how you get them home
Step 9 - Start stripping out things in a bit of a panic because the plumber can fit you in on Monday....

Gosh, what a lovely shade of yellow that is....