Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello World - Baby Wearn is here =D

Look what we made!!
Britton Chester Wearn was born - 9:30pm, 15th Dec - 3.5kg (or 7lb 11oz in old money)
With the imminent arrival of our first born we just thought having people donate to guess when he would arrive would be nice, and a fun way to raise a little bit of money for an excellent cause, Birmingham's Children's Hospital. (Guess were made via Just giving page)

And the winner is: Dannielle (of Uber Angel Cupcakes) - who gets a cake by me for a change, and a copy of Pistol Pete Wearn's new EP - which is out in Jan

We raised an impressive £65, way above our target of £50 - and I've been informed that Wesleyan Assurance will match it as BCH is their charity of the year =D

Thank you to everyone who donated / guessed, and all of the hundreds of well wishes and congratulations sent our way, here's to an excellent Christmas and a very exciting 2015!!