Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Debt Free Miss Williams (Part 2)

I left uni after my MA with sizable amount of debt - about £13K from the MA and the cost of living in the glorious city that is Liverpool and £10-11K from the BSc. I have no issue with that, I wouldn't be where I am now without it, it's all good.

The MA loan (a now non existent service called a Professional Studies Loan that evil HSBC provided) was a little bit more pressing since they kept phoning me and that was cleared in April 2012 - and now in August 2014 I've paid off my Student Loan from the SLC - Hoorah!! (in fact I've overpayed by £18 - so I'll be claiming that back and buying something exciting)

So, I suppose that's not bad really - I scraped 3 C's & a D' at A-Level, I graduated from Staffs with the 2:2 BSc (Hons) in Interactive Entertainment Technology in 2004 an a Pass in MA in Digital Games from Liverpool John Moores in 2005 (I'm a diligent and enthusiastic, if not an astounding student) and it's only taken a decade or so to clear it all. Usually I would turn to a bottle of fizz at this moment, but I can't so this will do nicely instead.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Does 3 of something equal a collection?

Somehow we've become come the kind of people that collect birdhouses - it's not been a conscious thing, or agreed upon, but we now own 3 - no birds to speak of in them, but there's the recycled metal one, the white weatherboard one and this one:

Which is due for a paint job before it joins the others outside to look like this:
To celebrate quite frankly one of the oddest attractions we've ever visited.