Sunday, July 20, 2014

Busy Times, but Celebrations too

I'm very aware I have posted anything up here since March - I'm not really sure how it's now the middle of July, and where that time's gone. I imagine most of it has been consumed by work.

So here's some highlights from the last few months:

April - Presented a paper at FDG 2014 (on a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico)

May - Spent a week in Poland's 8th largest city - Bydgoszcz - talking about Gamification

June - Spent a week in Minorca on an actual holiday, with my husband, not on a work trip going to visit things like light houses, forts and neolithic structures.

July - had the very loveliest of birthday parties, surrounded by lots of friends, some of which are talented enough to make cakes that look as amazing as this birthday cake - which I'm off to have another slice of before I sit down to some Minecrafting.