Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let's all go to Cwrt-y-Cadno (stout walking shoes required)

Someone positing a picture of a taxidermy fox's head on facebook reminded me of a similar grim specimen hanging up in the hallway of Cwrt-y-Cadno, my old school, Ysgol Gufyn Rhydfelen's outwards bounds center - where we were sent to at various times of the year for character building.

I remember it as being huge, in the middle of nowhere and hours and hours away. Turns out I was right on the middle of nowhere bit - but it looks very small and sad on street view now.
Street View Link
I'm guessing the school, now Ysgol Gufyn Garth Owlg, on a shiny new site with a slightly modified badge still own it - I can't find it for sale of anything so I'm guessing they've mothballed it, or forgotten about it. If anyone does know please drop me a line.

UPDATE:- It would look like the land has been acquired by the National Trust

Talking of Street View, there's an interesting juxtaposition where the satellite data is of my old school, pre being burned down (and it's a shame none of Twm's photo of that are still online) but the street view is of the uninspiring identikit housing estate they've built on the site.