Monday, May 06, 2013

It's sunny out there =D

I've spent the morning sorting out and re teak oiling garden furniture, hacking away an annoying, snail infested spiky thing from the front garden, sorting out the hanging baskets and planting some lavender and bedding plants.

Which means I feel my can of alcoholic ginger beer, listening to Radio 4 and flicking through The Lady were well deserved.

I the raised bed we've got a classic herb garden on the go and some salad leaves on their way.

I need to go make the dough for some flatbreads in a sec - but I'm very happy with how lovely the very low maintenance garden at our new house is =D

We've also got Spotify working in the kitchen - so I've been listening to   lot of summery music of late - and this is currently on of my fave playlists!