Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's been a slightly random month...

I didn't mean to leave this a month - I'm not entirely sure where the last month has gone. A whirlwind of lectures, networking, stuff, Pete's gigs (see #openmicgems), things, games - some of which I have pictures of.
Pete playing at The Adam & Eve in Brum
I've been playing Curisoity - I don't understand it.
At the recent Launch conf I learnt Intel have spend their marketing budget on interesting things. Yes, that is a branded peanut
Stunning views from the 25th floor of the Hotel Indigo (more here)
And one of my students named his squad after tutors on FTL, then killed us all - that's cool, we're down with that (It happens a lot)

It's Christmas lights switch on tonight, Olly is coming to stay for the weekend and Pete has a gig later - fun times ahead