Tuesday, September 11, 2012

T-Shirts for a New Term

It's no secret I love geeky, awesome mashup t-shirts, Well, I love tshirts full stop but there's few better complements you can pay some one, or indeed openers at a networking event then to note the awesomeness of someone's t-shirt.

In the last few years finding cool t-shirts has become an awful lot easier - and where previously everyone would have the same one nerdy t-shirt from River Island, Topman or Primark (doubly annoying in my case since all the students would have it too, and it would be painfully obvious where I shopped, and in the mens sections too). This also means I can get girly fit t-shirts not huge XXL shapeless t-shirts - although I have two treasured Bruce Timm designed tshirts from the era when that was all you could get (Batgirl and Supergirl of course). Someitmes cool stuff turns up in TXMaxx and  Her Universe have done a lot in this area too, but I can't really justify the shipping from the states.

Which is nice to see some print to order, or one a day tshirt sellers have UK prices, with sensible UK shipping to boot. My current favourites are RedBubble & Qwertee and I've got these two lovely designs to wear for induction week...


(I also have 2 t-shirts from the Qwertee "InsaniTEE Sale - Random Tees!" sale - knowing my luck I'll get the only 2 tshirts from the likely ones I had to Google - I'll let you know when they turn up)