Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Upgrade Complete

So the task I started a few weeks ago is finally complete - I've migrated my domain name over to the ever trusty Vidahost - (where SixFourOne & 44Pistol are both dealt with) - and you'll noticed I've done away (finally) with the iframes / shell and everything is under the domain name I had as a 16th birthday present.

It should save a little bit of money - not actually paying for monthly hosting I don't use, and tidy up things a little. I kept thinking it was a useful thing to have, and then not using it - since DropBox / Picasa / Pinterest / Evernote where much more useful for keeping a track of everything I had around. Annoyingly, I have to phone the states to cancel my hosting account - but hopefully that shouldn't be too tricky, it can't be any more problematic then trying to deal with BT...

I've messed around with the visual settings on Blogger and I've got something I like, bright lovely colours and it does make it very nice and easy to update the colour schemes etc. Hopefully I should have updated the settings on Twitterfeed correctly so this should bounce to Twitter and Facebook with no problems either. It might even encourage me to write a little more too.

There's very little else - I've been on holiday all week, so I've been playing masses of Anno 2070, doing tiny bite sized bits of housework and shopping and planning for my birthday party on Sunday and a holiday to Augsburg - oh, and we're starting to plan / book our Big trip to New Orleans and the Deep South of the USA next year! Yeah for Travel!!