Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New office

Looks like I'll be back in tomorrow!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

#4sqldn (Apps Round Up Part 1 - London)

Jess & Neil are in London, this wouldn't usually be worth noting, but I've set them a competition - but it's simple, whichever of them has the biggest gain in foursquare points by midnight on Friday gets a prize - I'm not asking them to go anywhere specific, or do anything, but they've accepted the challenge and I'm sure Pete ins't right in that I've created a monster.

One of the reasons I did this was we were in London at the end of June, not the first time we've done a quick jaunt to the capital for a break, but I decided to put my Android Smart Phone to good use.

Aside form Foursqure - which I already use, and love, and I've spoken at a few places about it (I'm fascinated about how it can make people change thier plans, or behaviours) and Chromarama which I'd already signed up for but I think I hit the wrong window to see my journeys - but go yellow team!) I thought I'd explore what else my smart phone could do.

I downloaded a tube map, Time Out & tube walker - and of all of them I think Tubewalker was my favourite - we were staying by King's cross and so we were certainly safely in zone 1 - I also found the map came up quickly, quicker then the tube map pdf - but it didn't have the flexibility of that one. Time Out was fairly useful, but probably not for just visitors who were familiar with the big things and looking for something quirky.

One of the main reasons for these apps, and the voucher apps I downloaded (Groupon & Living Social) was to save a bit of money - and it worked. a bit of digging around lead me to the Waterstones app, which gave use 2 4 1 tickets for the V&A exhibit I wanted to see - which saved us £7 - enough for a nice cup of tea. My favourite saving of all was actually via The Tower of London (we'd already worked out we could save a lot of money with 2-4-1 tickets showing our train ticket - a saving of about £18) but checking into the tower of london let me show my smart phone screen and save 10% on our found, thanks to the History channel - not a massive saving, but a nice thank you for not doing much at all.

So yes, anywhere I go now I'll be checking what apps, or vouchers are to hand (including the shiny new 02 priority moments & vouchercloud) - and in my next post I'll talk about apps in Barcelona...