Monday, June 06, 2011

The oddest dream..

I don't usually remember dreams but I've just woken up from an ace one my buddies from afternoon play will appreciate:

My schoolgirl self, and naturally an old school friend I've not seen in a decade, were picked, along with other girls of about 14/15 to join a secret elite, girls only board game academy / boarding school - the mission statement of the place was to make us excel at strategy boardgames like Carcassonne, Settlers & Monopoly in order to shape a generation of women capable of running the county, Enders Game style...

I think it sounds epic, anyone want to buy the film rights....

Saturday, June 04, 2011

200 Cookbook on Nombooks

I've reached a bit of a milestone in my effort to catalogue the cookbook collection - I've reached 200 titles - there's a couple more, but I'm almost grateful it's not close to 300 I thought we had - that does seem a little obscene.

I'm not done, I need to cross reference, some how, and work out which ones I've missed - and any new ones will get added of course - I've also started actually using it, noting successful recipes I cook out of them (and trying to get Pete to do the same).

It's also proved my initial theory that blogging and tagging does make for a pretty useful inventory system you can access from anywhere.