Saturday, January 15, 2011

Worshipping at the alter of my New PC

(because it's easier to blog then to do)

My Beast of a PC a) still needs a better name and b) won't fit under my old £9 computer desk thingy. So we're going to turn what is currently my study / 2nd spare room into just my study - for awesome phd work and game playing.

I had a look at lovely vintage desks today, but none of them fit the bill - so we're off to Ikea tomorrow to buy this
(I know it isn't cool or sexy, but it's functional, cheap, and everything will fit - although I'm torn between it in white or black).

Before then I have a bunch of stuff I need to do - In a specific order I think:
  1. Move my Wonder Woman print
  2. Empty the smaller of the bookshelfs onto the bed
  3. Unplug the PC and move it out of the way
  4. Clear the Computer Table, move it out of the way
  5. Put book shelf #1 where the computer table was - and put the books back on it.
  6. Put the computer table (hence fourth as know as bookshelf #2) where comics and shiz in boxes will live
  7. Clear the bed - and dismaPublish Postntle it - it can live in the Elvis suite for now
  8. Tidy up the stuff 'UNDER THE BED', it's going into boxes on bookshelf#2 tomorrow
  9. Hoover
  10. Sleep...
When the new desk is here I'll be able to see how much room I have for a comfy chair / small sofa in my study of awesome.

Update - Sunday 4pm
All done - We were like Ikea Ninjas...