Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My PC gaming over the holidays

It's been so long since I actually sat down and played a lot of games in a short space of time, I'd almost forgotten that computer games are the reason I've got anything resembling a career at all. So, since I've plunged headlong into reintroducing myself to gaming, and PC games specifically I though I'd write about some of the things I've been playing over Christmas and impression I've got before I get stuck somewhere in Arkham Asylum*.

Gaming equipment
I should round up, there's 5 things I play games on these day:
  • My New Pc - Umm, fast...
  • My Netbook - Dell Mini 10 I think
  • My Phone - Samsung Galaxy S on the Android platform
  • My Nintendo Wii
  • My Nintendo DS (Although I haven't exactly been playing much on this since I lent it to one of my FYP students)
My New Years Resolution to get better at playing with PC games coincided nicely with the Steam Sale, which was already full of shiny things to play. I also made a decision to stop playing Facebook Games, well, the Zynga time sink ones anyway - but I'll blog about that a different day.

Now I should point out, even in my heaviest gaming days I was always one for sims and tycoons games, I'm not very good with shooting things and I tend to get confused easily.

On the PC
Oooh, where to start - ok, an easy one - the first thing I downloaded to my PC was Lara Croft Guardian of Light - I'd heard good things, I love Lara, and the idea of the isometric angle intrigued me - and it is very nice nice, unfortunately I haven't had much chance to play with it since Pete is busy playing it and you can only have one saved game going at any one time. I might cave and buy it for him because I love the idea of playing co-op.

Other things I'd been playing:
  • Recettear - I did try and play this on my netbook buy it's more intensive then it looks. I love the style, but I've already failed to meet the demands of that evil fairy at least once.
  • Machinarium - Very Pretty, and really nice - in fact Pete and I have been playing it together.
  • Mirror's Edge - I haven't quite got into this yet, but it makes me feel a little bit sea sick, which doesn't help.
  • Batman, Arkham Asylum - gosh, this really is pretty isn't it. not very far into it, and I really like it so far (but I am playing it on easy)
  • Tropico 3 - told you I love Tycoon games, if you enjoy these kind of games Tropico is pretty much up there as a Wearn household favourite
  • SimCity4 - yep, I really love Sim / Tycoon games...
On the Netbook

The interesting thing with Steam in the range of games, and if your netbook doesn't have a cd drive, a godsend.
  • Flight Control HD - This managed to entertain me for a while, and it's about the only thing I've got achievements against my name on Steam, but I haven't gone back to it in a while
  • Puzzle Quest - mainly because I've been playing this, a lot, (It's Bejewelled with RPG elements) and its ace.
  • Plants and Zombies - I do rather like this, but I get bored pretty quick
On my Phone

I picked up a few of the Game Loft 3D Hack n Slash games, but I can't even remember what they were called so I think they may have to go. I have been playing Angry Birds, Alchemy & GameDevStory - all lovely little bundles of time & battery sinks. I suspect my phone is one of the reasons I don't pick up my DS so much any more.

On the Wii
Now I really like my Wii, I think it's about my level, but I don't often pick up games for it - especially not new shiny ones. I did however pick up Epic Mickey which I've really enjoyed so far, although I'd like less platform jumping and more world editing.

What I have noticed is no one thing has really captured my imagination, or made me plough hours into it - maybe Facebook games really have destroyed me attention span, maybe such a long hiatus away from playing games, but being so involved with them day in day out makes me see them in a different light.

I'll keep you posted....

* This though struck me though, if Batman's so keen not to kill the bad guys, and lock them up why doesn't he build a better mental asylum...