Saturday, December 24, 2011

Evie's plan for Christmas Day

My faux-niece Evie is clearly taking after her faux-aunt and her mother and written a plan for us all to follow on Christmas Day..
It goes:
Wake Up > presents > play > play with presents....
Wise words for us all to adhere too!
Nadolig Llawen / Merry Christmas everyone xxx

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hoorah for snowballs!

Yeah for alcoholic custard! I think it's fair to say the festive party season is well and truley started!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Late Produce from the garden

The garden needs a proper tidy up at some point, and we need to start thinking about planting for next year but it's nice to see it still producing some things - that's a healthy punnet of grapes, which we doubt is enough to make wine with, but maybe grappa or something, and some blueberries, destined for some pancakes or maybe muffins....

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Home from Bcn

I'm back from a quick jaunt to Barcelona with Jess to see mam and do some Christmas Shopping. I've also brought home some family heirlooms... (we picked up cheerful Santa and his cheerleading angels from the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf years ago)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awesome photo of Stafford on the lights switch on

We were stood somewhere on the back, right, near the tree.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Jazzberry cometh...

The finished upstairs bathroom (previously a room too depressing to take photos of)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A spot of DIY on a sunny Saturday


We're decorating the upstairs bathroom (inbetween taps being fitted and there being a new floor being laid) and here's a scrap of the original, original wallpaper.

We're going to paint it a sexy shade of 'jazzberry' (purple that is) but the horrid peeling wallpaper needs to go first.

But for a brief moment, while Pete reaches the high up bits on the only tall ladder we have I'm sat on a step on the landing, having a cup of tea and listening to The News Quiz on Radio 4.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hitchcock on Film

Jess has snagged tickets to a VIP Screening of The Birds tonight in Brum, I didn't realise how excited I was about it until I realised I was picking out a pretty outfit.

It's being shown as art of - and it promises to be an 'interactive experience'. Should be fun...

Update - some pictures from the event - it was really awesome!

I was thinking on the way to work this morning a Hitchcock themed Halloween party would be ace (maybe next year)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One of the wonderful courses from a charming little restaurant in Vasto - I could get use to these 'cultural exchanges'

Sunday, October 09, 2011

A lovely weekend for Mr. Wearn's 30th

And here endeth a week of festivities hearalding Pete's 30th birthday.

There has been much lunching, gathering of friends, balloons, cake, drink and a surprise trombone (sorry neighbours)

Thank you everyone for making it a really special evening!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pottermore - Hufflepuff (Ha! I knew It!!)

I've been playing with Pottermore for a few days, I got my wand yesterday (Length: 11 1/2 in Wood:Cedar Core:Dragon Flexibility:Surprisingly Swishy) and I took the sorting hat challenge earlier, and I'm in...

Which actually comes as no surprise since I've always said I'd be good Hufflepuff material! I've been interesting in it all from a games / transmedia / marketing point of view, but it is very charming, and well done.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Fun and games with an impromptu bowling session at Tenpin Bowling!
(we later went to Pizza Hut, then Joxers - much of the evening was sponsored by the VoucherCloud App)

Monday, September 05, 2011

My New Uni Game is Out

Finally - the virtual campus project I've been working on with various peeps in the university and Jisc is out - go, download, explore our campuses, work out what you'd need to do to enrol.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Banal Domestic Dream alert

Woke up from a lovely dream that (a young) Mick Jagger and Natascha McElhone had come round for dinner. Mick was digesting on the sofa chatting to Pete about allotments and Natascha and I were doing the washing up. Naturally, it was all our plates, but my childhood home in Taffs Well...

Silly brain...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New office

Looks like I'll be back in tomorrow!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

#4sqldn (Apps Round Up Part 1 - London)

Jess & Neil are in London, this wouldn't usually be worth noting, but I've set them a competition - but it's simple, whichever of them has the biggest gain in foursquare points by midnight on Friday gets a prize - I'm not asking them to go anywhere specific, or do anything, but they've accepted the challenge and I'm sure Pete ins't right in that I've created a monster.

One of the reasons I did this was we were in London at the end of June, not the first time we've done a quick jaunt to the capital for a break, but I decided to put my Android Smart Phone to good use.

Aside form Foursqure - which I already use, and love, and I've spoken at a few places about it (I'm fascinated about how it can make people change thier plans, or behaviours) and Chromarama which I'd already signed up for but I think I hit the wrong window to see my journeys - but go yellow team!) I thought I'd explore what else my smart phone could do.

I downloaded a tube map, Time Out & tube walker - and of all of them I think Tubewalker was my favourite - we were staying by King's cross and so we were certainly safely in zone 1 - I also found the map came up quickly, quicker then the tube map pdf - but it didn't have the flexibility of that one. Time Out was fairly useful, but probably not for just visitors who were familiar with the big things and looking for something quirky.

One of the main reasons for these apps, and the voucher apps I downloaded (Groupon & Living Social) was to save a bit of money - and it worked. a bit of digging around lead me to the Waterstones app, which gave use 2 4 1 tickets for the V&A exhibit I wanted to see - which saved us £7 - enough for a nice cup of tea. My favourite saving of all was actually via The Tower of London (we'd already worked out we could save a lot of money with 2-4-1 tickets showing our train ticket - a saving of about £18) but checking into the tower of london let me show my smart phone screen and save 10% on our found, thanks to the History channel - not a massive saving, but a nice thank you for not doing much at all.

So yes, anywhere I go now I'll be checking what apps, or vouchers are to hand (including the shiny new 02 priority moments & vouchercloud) - and in my next post I'll talk about apps in Barcelona...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cupcakes & Robots

Ok blog, (and by inference everyone that reads it) I haven't really been ignoring you, in fact my phone is full of half written notes that I'm sure would have made excellent, witty, insightful blogs but to the honest the last few months have been manic, flipping between horrible and wonderful - and at some point I'll write it all up, perhaps.

Until then, lets just start afresh. The blog post title, in case you were wondering, is a fair assessment of the cards / gifts I got for my birthday - many cards with cupcakes, many robot related presents (and sometimes the other way around)

Monday, June 06, 2011

The oddest dream..

I don't usually remember dreams but I've just woken up from an ace one my buddies from afternoon play will appreciate:

My schoolgirl self, and naturally an old school friend I've not seen in a decade, were picked, along with other girls of about 14/15 to join a secret elite, girls only board game academy / boarding school - the mission statement of the place was to make us excel at strategy boardgames like Carcassonne, Settlers & Monopoly in order to shape a generation of women capable of running the county, Enders Game style...

I think it sounds epic, anyone want to buy the film rights....

Saturday, June 04, 2011

200 Cookbook on Nombooks

I've reached a bit of a milestone in my effort to catalogue the cookbook collection - I've reached 200 titles - there's a couple more, but I'm almost grateful it's not close to 300 I thought we had - that does seem a little obscene.

I'm not done, I need to cross reference, some how, and work out which ones I've missed - and any new ones will get added of course - I've also started actually using it, noting successful recipes I cook out of them (and trying to get Pete to do the same).

It's also proved my initial theory that blogging and tagging does make for a pretty useful inventory system you can access from anywhere.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Socrates the olive tree

So, it turns out my husband and I are pretty much the same person, in that we almost brought each other identical gifts for our 4th wedding anniversary (This year it's fruit & flowers) - but he got there first. It's quite funny in a twisty little way.

He brought me an olive tree, because I've been looking at olive trees, because I wanted to buy him an olive tree - I didn't in the end because he's said things like we don't have room, or it won't survive, because he didn't want me to randomly buy an olive tree, because he wanted to buy me an olive tree - because I'd been looking at olive trees....

Can you see how this has gotten a little silly.

He also surprised me with the olive tree in an identical way I was going to do to him - down to the red bow (I know there's not many ways you can wrap a tree) - and he'd also thought about hiding it in the shed - which, if I'd have brought him an olive tree, is where I would have hid it.

I even wrote a note on his card to say do you fancy a trip to Homebase, where I'll buy you an olive tree..

Oh and he brought me the card I almost brought for him but thought was maybe a little bit girly (why do anniversary cards for men have teddies on them - why?? not that the card he brought me had teddies on it - he knows better then that)

Anyway - meet So Crates the olive tree.

Thank you sweetie xx

Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter / May Holiday Round Up

Ok, so it's the last day of the long, extended Easter / May / Royal Wedding break - and just for my own sanity a little bit of a round up.

The thing I've realised is that I really really like sim / strategy / tactics games - and RPG's - but mainly games that are silly, or have a big comedy aspect. So, even though things like Arkham Asylum are pretty, and I'm sure Portal 2 is great - (I've not finished Portal yet) - I've logged so many, many hours playing Evil Genius over the last week or so. I've also played a lot of Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes & Magicka (I'm up for playing Magicka Multiplayer if anyone else has it - add me on Steam etc etc)

And board games - Afternoon Play (I've spent a bit of time tidying up some of the stuff on AP - including a blog with links to all the games we've played.) was yesterday and by request of people I brought the Lego Creationary game - a bit of a nightmare to transport but immensely good fun (it's like Pictionary with lego)

AP#7 - Creationary

I also picked up a copy of Niche - Andy's very simple, very cunning game.

( Niche )

I was hoping to finish off Lego Harry Potter this week, and I suppose I've still got a bit of time, but I'm really savouring that until Lego Pirates of the Caribbean comes out in a few weeks.

Eating Drinking & Catching up with people
I love lunching, and I've made good use of my Stafford Enjoy Card this week - lunching in The Pie & Ale & The Bear Grill - mainly because Olly was in town, and we finally met his friend Adam.

(Olly at The Bear Grill)

We also managed to have a quick picnic with old friends of mine from Cardiff, in Birmigham - Sharon & Jonjo - which makes my New Years Resolution of meeting up with people on my Christmas card list a bit closer to reality! Hoorah!

I've also been out for dinner a fair bit, a Pizza Express with the girls (this was followed by cocktails & darts) and out the Vivare with Pete

(Pete with the mighty Sea Bass at Vivare)

After Afternoon Play Gaz, Pete and I went to Brindly place to drink expensive beer by the canal side.
(the National Indoor Arena doing a sterling job of coordinating with my new dress)

I've done excellent shopping - Games, as mentioned above, but also all of my Bridesmaids stuff for Jess's wedding next year, Birthday presents for Gazzy, LB & Harry, tickets to BCN to go see the Parental units in July and this very pretty Rocha John Rocha dress from the British Heart Foundation:

(Wolverhampton Station)

This is also developing into a trend of Pete taking pictures of me looking bored on Train Platforms around the world

(l'Hospitalet Station, LH - 2009)

We've also done some tidying up in the garden, brought some new plants and done some tweaking to the plants at the front.
(Rocky the Easter Island Head)

(New Herb Garden)

And finally, if I haven't been out lunching, drinking or shopping I've been watching telly. First up I'm loving Dr. Who - It nice to be treated as an intelligent audience member, can't wait to see how the series develops.

Yes we watched the Royal Wedding (ok, we were lounging around in bed, eating cut price Easter Eggs and twittering on #royalweddingtweetshow - official hashtags were just full of vomit worthy sentimentality. ) - But we've paid for it so we may as well look at the pretty dress (and she did look pretty, and they did look happy etc etc). I was impressed at how quickly the Internet geered into snark though: these two being favourites

Oh, and we finished watching Doll House - which means we're at a loss as to watch now, and we tried to watch Twlight and agreed that was 45 mins we'll never get back.

That's it really I'm rather looking forward to going back to work for a few days - then it's off, back to Brum, to see Uncaged Monkeys!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bank Holiday Comes but 6 times a year (apart from this year where I've lost count already)

And it contained the following..

Yes, that is a Flying Spaghetti Monster bedecked chocolatey pirate ship cake) - it's also serving to make an excellent breakfast..

It also involved quite a bit of Matini Rosso and Coke (well, it did for me and Jess), Pete made Ginger beer and that's my new festive favourite - a key lime pie...

It also involved this:
and some of this..

-all in all an excellent afternoon - thanks guys x

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gaming and Fitness - Year One #gamedevdiet

Ok, So maybe not a full year - but last July I blogged about our attempts to keep healthy - and in the intervening time I've kind of worked out what I like doing.

I mentioned last July I enjoyed the boxing games on the EA game enough that I did make it to some boxercise classes at Riverside - the first one was lovely, mixed small group - but I ached afterwards - for days. I went to a couple more but the ratio of males / females soon dropped to just males (in fact entirely made up out of other trainers in the gym and some of my 2nd year students) So since I wasn't really enjoying it I gave it up.

Zumba's still going strong, in fact I brought the Zumab Wii game from Tesco - out of curiosity and some good reviews, and it's pretty faithful to Emily's classes, which meant a year of Zumba hasn't been wasted if I can score 'Zumba Pro' on my first attempt.

I also picked up a second hand Wii Fit Plus Kit, so now we have a balance board - and I have to admit it's pretty good fun - even Pete was having a go. It also unlocks a whole series of extra exercises in the EA Personal Trainer - whch is good, because I did get a little bored of that.

I also have Just Dance - again, which I've only scratched the surface of..

Which leaves me to a dilemma - I don't want want to get bored of any of them, and I'm determined to do 30 mins every morning of Wii Related exercise - and I think I have a solution (and it is in fairness the same solution I have for most things) - LET THE DICE DECIDE!

3 - Zumba

And we'll see how we go, if I get bored, if I actually lose weight...

Friday, April 08, 2011

I need a beer....

my brain hurts now, is it beer garden o'clock.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

It's only taken 4 months...

...but finally the beautiful Rob Ryan plates Pete brought me for Christmas are out, and up on display in the bedroom.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pics from the New Office

Yes, the rumours are true - I've moved out of 'The Coolest Office on Earth' ™ C160 into the slightly more sedate environments of the Octagon, mainly so I can get some work done.

I've shifted everything across and sorted everything away - I've a beautiful view (which in it's self is a turn up for the books having been used to having my back to the window) and some slight traffic noise - but I'll live. I'm just amused it took students seconds to find me...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Another Day - Another Day Trip

2011-04-02 13.33.08, originally uploaded by wormella.
Following on from last week's trip to Cosford, yesterday we skipped off to Boscoble House & White Lady's Priory
Which also means we saw (the Son of) The Royal Oak
2011-04-02 13.20.38
Which in fairness is a bit poorly due to lightning and storms so he only has 100 year left of life in him (Don't worry, there's an established Grandson of The Royal Oak)

In other news the mead I made back in December is maturing nicely and is more then a little bit drinkable.

Friday, April 01, 2011


It's worth clicking on the blog title to see the 3D version, even if that does give me a slight headache.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pete and I went to Cosford

2011-03-27 12.52.30, originally uploaded by wormella.

Woot! Planes - who doesn't love a lovely free museum full of exciting planes, cause we do. And excellent Sunday afternoon day trip (we even managed to swing by Waitrose on the way home to pick up some yummy pies for dinner) - Which all happily coincided with the first proof of concept of a multiplayer game between me, Pete, Gaz and in theory dad, who has a far more exciting life then we do and therefore was busy and couldn't make it. And we've been playing this on Steam..

(feel free to buy it, add us on Steam and join us in the skies sometime)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Makeover

Having decided recently I wear jeans too much - and I was further inspired by Helen from Answer Me This! - who it transpires never wears jeans, I've decided to explore more in the way of pretty dresses, and some slightly more grown up, girly outfits.

It helps that a year of Zumba and now Boxercise and a lot of walking means I've dropped a dress size!

So, since it was payday, and new seasons fashions are in I skipped around town to much dismay (even TKMaxx let me down) - before heading into and picking up the 3 pretty wrap dresses I spotted when I popped in the other day - one from Hobbs, another from Whistles and a slightly more party type dress from Guess. They all work nicely with the little ankle boots I picked up in the New Look sale. I'm sure photos will appear at some point.

What I couldn't find this morning was a suitable coat so I've this one winging it's way from good ol' Fashion Union

It's the closest I've found in my price range to the coat Zoey Deschanel wears in Yes Man
(There's a raft of blog posts like this one, trying to find it, and the one I've brought does also come in navy - but I've been wearing a navy military style coat all winter and I need something a little brighter - the original is vintage, and probably tweaked by the costume designer) but it is a good idea of the overall look I'm going for. Which bring me onto two points.

  1. The hunt for the mystical perfect pair of knee high boots (I'll save this for another blog post)
  2. What to do with my hair...
Since Pete said my new coat reminded him of French New Wave Actresses I did some hunting around and since I know, in my hearts of hearts the combo of the Emma Watson pixie cut and my taste in glasses will look more German architect then Parisian bombshell - I'm going to grow it out a little longer and add a fringe - I'm taking the following pictures of Danish actress Anna Karina and Zoey Deschanel along whenever I get around to booking a hair appointment

I think that's enough out of character talk about fashion and girly stuff from me...