Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Fish, We Are Scientists

So we have some new fish, initially we were going to get 5, and call them after defunct web services but a chat to the nice and helpful (and diligent) man in Pets@Home we went for 3, a normal one, a shubunken & a comet.

The new ones are called Eddington, Faraday & Babbage. They join Nietzsche & Isambard. They also, appear to have no desire to appear in the same frame at the same time...

I'm thinking Turing & Baudrillard if we get some more, Nietzsche seems a little out of place being the only philosopher.

In other news Jess and I are walking the Katherine House Midnight Walk later on, you can sponsor us here:- - it was fun last year and I'm off to Sainsbury's in a sec to stock up on supplies.