Thursday, July 08, 2010

Coffee Break Espaniol!

I should also point out that along with attending the body beautiful, I'm also redoubling my efforts to learn Spanish. Jess and I are off to visit my folks at the end of the month, part birthday celebration , part realising that I've not seen my folks in a year. Pete, alas, doesn't have any more holiday to take (we might be able to grab some days somewhere maybe next week) So I'm taking Jess, whose never been to Barcelona and it will be interesting to see it through new eyes.

As long as we don't do what Pete and I did first time we went, tick off the 20 things you must do in BCN the rough guide, in the space of a week. We needed a Holiday to get over it, it should be fine. She already has a limit of 1 trip to Zara or H&M a day....

Anyway, I found Coffee Break Spanish podcasts through iTunes and they are awesome, much friendlier then the Independent ones and they have THE BEST theme tune ever on a podcast.

Hasta Luego!