Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Break To-do List

I've had a lovely few days not really doing anything - Easter it's self Pete had off and we spent yesterday in the house, catching up on telly, making websites and raising a bottle or two to zombie Jesus - we haven't yet eaten the chocolate Buzz lightyears but the Tesco finest eggs made a very fine breakfast. I also made Sophie Dahl's yummy veggie cottage pie - her cookbook is in the post and I've already promised myself to be productive on my days off.

So, taking a leaf out of our Game's Tech Staff only Ning I'm going to write a to-do list on here and cross it off as I go:
  • Finish tidying my Study
  • Finish tidying the Elvis Suite
  • Become the 8th best assassin on No More Heroes
  • Make biscuits & cake using the tins and cutters I got for Christmas but haven't tried yet
  • Dig out the antique sink in the garden, clean it off, move it to the front and plant flowers in it
  • Weed the front while I'm at it
  • Use my EA Personal Trainer every morning for an hour
  • Do the bits and pieces I need to do for work (I know I'm holiday but so it goes)
Now the train strike's been averted I'm off to the State of Independence conference - since my other conferences this year have been thwarted I'm really looking forward to this one. It is an early start but Jess is travelling up with me so it should be fun!