Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter and all that it entails

I've just come beck from Tescos where judging by the sheer quantity of chocolate Buzz Lightyears in the Easter Egg aisle it's possible Toy Story 3 will have a very different message from the other 2 (Could Buzz Lightyear be the 2nd coming??) -

Apart from that It's been a busy time - getting all the documents ready to be submitted for validating new awards (including my new one Computer Gameplay Design & Production), Bobbie & I went to present something on FAST-E at the uni's Technology& Learning Unconference (Details are on my uni blog somewhere on the right -->).

Other exciting News - .44Pistol got through to the final of the Battle of the Bands to play out The uni's Summer Ball - the final contest is after Easter but they've got plenty of practice, since they're playing Nantwich Jazz & Blues festival tomorrow and a few others next week.

Right, I'm off to dye my hair and pamper myself a little - it's date night and Pete and I are off to the new Greek place in town- just to drink Retsina and relive our honeymoon a little hopefully - the guy said there'd be dancing (He also checked I knew it was a Greek Restaurant - very strange)