Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good day at the office..

... Had the first of two weekend open days in Feb (there's a bunch of Wednesdays ones too) and it's deep in Interview season. Today consisted of 2 very bouncy talks on our awesome portfolio of awards, a big mac meal wolfed down in a couple of mins and between us we interviewed around 40 students (and some of them were very, very good - next years intake is looking awesome)

Not much else, Pete has the Bear & Pheasant tonight so I'm going to put my feet up, watch The Clone Wars DVD that turned up and relax a bit. I'm currently full of chocolate, marshmallows and white citrus tea, having watched the last part of The Art of Russia - making me want to go back to Russia and wishing I'd have been a bit freeier too explore when I was there. One day I'll go back, take Pete, learn to tell the difference between sour cream and mayonnaise and stay away from the cabbage dumplings, especially for breakfast.

But it's been a very busy week - got invited down to an awesome Games Audio Event at Pinewood studios on Tuesday - I don't think I realised how cool a place it was, and how very close to Slough at Uxbridge (the site of last years Digra Conference) it was - funny how you keep ending up in the same place. Best of all I nipped on a tour and visited some great audio studios and the largest MoCap studio I've ever visited.

Umm, what else, we swapped broadband suppliers (hello BT and your lovely little home hub - so easy to set up and defiantly quicker) , Visited Jess and Neil in their new house in Gnosall, ate lots of cheese and I've marvelled at the fact Barbie's next 'career' is a computer engineer..

(oooh yes and I'd love one but they Mattel shop doesn't ship to the UK and she isn't released till October 2010)

I wonder if she'll come up in conversations in next months Women in Games conference?? I'll be there, anyone else?

Ooh, and we own this:

We commissioned it from a very talented friend of ours before Christmas. It sits very proudly in the living room and I can't tell you how cool it is to know there's a stunning bit of art in the world because of us. He also gave us all the notes on his creative process and stayed around for a cup of coffee and the end of Dune (I'd forgotten that EVERYONE is in that film - still one of my all time favourites).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Update from the C160 office...

We're building up a bit of a retro console collection in the office (Sometimes my job is very cool*)

It's going to take a bit more practice before I can beat the boys at street fighter 2 though...

*Well ok, pretty much all the time my job is pretty darn awesome!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Fish Graveyard

I suppose I should update you on the fish - we've currently got 3
Isambard*, Nietzsche, Vince - they seem fine. The extreme cold did a few in and they probably need some proper TLC.

Anyway - Pete and I were trying to recall other fish we'd had over the years so I started scanning the blog for fish related posts and I came across the fish graveyard from an old bit of my website that still floating around the tubes of the internet...

So here it is - in memory of of the valiant pets of old.


And for the ones that don't have little grave markers (or dates)
  • Darnell
  • Bertrand
  • Pushkin
  • Heisenburg
I should possibly make a marker for the tomb of the unknown goldfish because I'm sure we've forgotten one...

.. time for some more fish? Any ideas for names??

*We were slightly uncertain for a while if it was Heisenburg or Isambard that had survived