Sunday, January 31, 2010

Global Games Jam roundup - 2:50am 31st January

This sums up a lot of it:

- We've 7 games in play and 2 of them have a playable build
- Our Mascot (Rodney) may or may not have been challenged by a mascot in Las Vegas
Orignally posted on my Uni Blog...

If it has - this is our response

If it hasn't, we apologise. [Also - the Asda SmartPrice Webcam - best £6 spent ever]

- We've hit an all time high /low [it depends on how you look at it] with the playlist - sunk to the depths of 80's power ballads and High School Musical

- We've consumed even more Pizza from Dominos, not to mention 20 odd packs of crisps, piles of doughnuts, muffins, iced buns, sausage rolls and a lot of coke / relentless / moster / blue charge

Check out the mid afternoon update videos from the teams Updates Videos - it seems a bit mean to do one now as people are really nose to the grindstone. Now I just have to find somewhere to go to sleep that will mean I don't get drawn on...

Games need to be uploaded by 3pm, Presentations will be at 3:30pm in F14. (That's less then 12hrs sports fans)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Global Games Jam 3am update...

Orignally posted on my Uni Blog...

.... People are starting to drift off a little now to catch some proper sleep. We've had a super productive 9 hours already In numbers so far...45 students are taking part, we've got 6 teams, We've got through 17 large pizzas and we've filled 2 bins full of empty energy drinks.

There's evidence of all of this up on the Facebook Photo Album .

Everyone's made a start already - and there's some very interesting Games in the offing - each sticking around the theme of Deception and Featuring one of our key words for our Time Zone:- A Wink, A Rink or a Sink.

We've also got a spotify playlist on the go to keep us going - it;s in a melow groove at the moment but you can add to it here.

Oh and you can keep an eye on since we're streaming everything live:

Bring on the next 36 hrs....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Santes Dwynwen

These are the very lovely flowers Pete had delivered to work for Santes Dwynwen - just on the table you can see the very lovely collected work of Sherlock Holmes I got for him

We're off out to dinner later =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sarcasm Punctuation mark

My inner-typography nerd's interest is piqued - I also saw many pretty '&' and '@' on some blog posts the other day, must be a sign....