Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Wave and the passing of Geocities

The Google Wave fairy godmother dropped an invite to the new collaboration thingy the other day and I spent the weekend playing around with it. Joining in on some of lifehackers public waves makes much more sense of it but it's still just a nice toy until other people I know and work with are on it (and even then ins'[t it just another thing to check?).

Anyone on Google Wave feel free to Add me:- Wormella @ gmail . com

Anyway, spotted this on life hacker and i though it prescient

Also very sad at the closing down of geocities - my first ever website was on there, back when there we blocks and streets and themed neighborhoods. I sparked my interest in web design, which led me to study at Staffs in the first place and where everything snowballed into what I do now!