Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OK back in work after a quick sojourn to Russia. I'd post pictures but my camera helpfully deleted all the ones from Moscow. Suffice to say Russia is very interesting when it isn't bombing people (not my fault!!) and on the whole much more pleasant then guidebooks would suggest - rain, wind, cabbage pie and minced fish dumplings aside.

Coming back I feel podgy and overweight (the dumplings I assume) so I'm looking at gyms in Stafford. Narrowed it down to 3 choices - the uni gym (close to work and some friends go there), Stafford gym - not exactly far and closer to the house) or the college.

Having brough some kit I embarked on a session at the leisure centre. If you've ever been baffled by the fitness lingo, I can explain to you what 'bodyjam' is anyway -It was rated 'All' and I had shiny new trainers to try out so i though I'd bite the bullet and go to something before I bottled out.

Effectively aerobics to hip-hop with added dance moves - which suited me because the only consistent exercise I ever did as a kid was dance. I didn't collapse, didn't have to stop mid way (although I still get left and right horribly confused) and actually I feel pretty good - so I'm either fitter then I thought I was - considering I cycle and walk everywhere this might be the case, or it was pitched much lower then I thought. Slight strange to have a bouncy woman with a scandinavian accent yell 'scoopity scoop' over a hip hop track about blasting ho's and shooting puppies.

I'm going to try a 'Salsa Aerobics' class tomorrow, and sort out my induction for the gym forthwith.