Monday, May 07, 2007

Last year I posted up pictures of our growing efforts in the flat -this year I'm just going to give a running tally.

Currently we have growing:

2 chilli plants
4 tomato plants (all bearing fruit)
2 mandarin trees
and a vertiable grove of lemon trees (well 5 - we just kept sticking seeds in a pot until some grew - now we have lots!!)

As you can imagine it's all getting a little out of hand so I'm off in a sec to do some pruning. It has made the flat smell all nice and, umm, tomato-y if that's a good thing. I would very much like a greenhouse in the next house we live in.

Not much else really - work is busy with marking, mum and dad are visiting briefly on Thursday and we're off down to London on Friday for Laura's birthday celebrations at Vinopolis - What an exciting life we lead!

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