Sunday, November 05, 2006

Well - that was a successful shopping trip!

Not only did Tesco's have Cauldron sausages (Linconshire AND Cumberland - I stocked up, alas still no sight of all those other exciting flavours) but there was a continental market so I had chance to buy obscene amounts of lovely cheese, nice bread and have a kangaroo burger and a glass of Hungarian mulled wine for lunch.

In keeping with the continental feel - I found Jeans!!!! - finally. This has been a bit of an on going hunt - it actually took a large part of yesterday's shopping up as well. I no way does this mean I'm turning down Hannah's kind offer of rooting through her soon-to-be-cleared-out wardrobe but I finally found a pair of well cut, thick, normal wasted, sensible coloured jeans - under budget no less. Zara came out tops, a size 12!! £10 and a size smaller then the runner up Esprit 'star cut' jeans - whatever star cut means. Gap almost won me over but I get confused in Gap, I still don't understand the sizing or the difference between Boot Cut, Demi Boot Cut or Western Boot Cut. The news they've discontinued the jeans I really like, the left weave Slim-line Boot Cut didn't win the any points either.

Right - now to finish my powerpoint presentation on lighting in Max.

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