Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hafs-a-Palooza 2006

Ok, so it's a little over a month before my birthday but I can tell everyones getting excited about it already, and why wouldn't you, I'm Great!!!!

well, ok, a few people have asked what I would like for my birthday, so here's a list and some links.

As ever, my Amazon wish list is up-to-date - Yes there are more cookbooks, and I know everyone says we have enough cookbooks but the list is only covering gaps I think are in our library. There isn't much in the way of priority (I want it all)

I'm still a big fan of vouchers: H&M, Peopletree, or indeed anywhere else you think I might like. We don't buy so many DVD's any more but HMV or Virgin Vouchers are always welcome.

There are a few slightly strangers requests. WestCountry Wormaries sell a worktop sized wormery That would let me do some recycaling / composting at home. Etsy also has lots of pretty, funky home made things that are pretty cool. An old friend from school has started up a lovely jewellery design busniess - she has some stunning designs.

One last present suggestion: I'm a big fan of the PimpMySnack site and I wouldn't mind a t-shirt. I think it would either haf to be the small male one in brown or the largest ladies one in red.

Thats probably enough to get you thinking for now.

Apart from that it's sunny and lovely here at the moment. Just wonderful!

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