Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's snowing again - great - like we haven't suffered enough!!! Thankfully it's not actually sticking ... yet! I have to go to work in this later :(

Worse still I brought a summer dress yesterday - a vintage blue and white Chinese silk shirt dress (I'm that cool and funky I've managed to tick off every one of this seasons trends in one go, and still give money to some starving orphans as well!!!) I just need to get a belt to go with it now.

Talking of work - it seems I might be offered some kind of permanent position at the card shop - obviously my visual display skills with the mothers day bags won them over. Warrington's looking up as well - We're starting to interview for the games course next week - and we're still getting interested parties, with ace grades as well. You'd need a B, at least, in Maths GCSE to get one, and some art would be nice as well. It's sad to think I wouldn't have got onto this course!!! Still, everything is looking hopeful!! Which is good since games jobs appear to have all vanished!!!

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