Friday, December 02, 2005

We've got a new telly - it's huge, well it's a 28" widescreen beast, it's lovely though, and more importantly we can read it from sitting on our lovely sofa. I've not included apicture of the telly, that's a bit dull, but look, there's a picture of the huge box that is currently taking up the hall. Kudos to Pete for getting it home.

Other purchases this week include a CD/Tape/DAB radio combo thingy for the kitchen, which means, finally, we have a way of listening to Radio 4 (and other delights) without having to switch on the PC. Since the Digi box went mental and rescanned getting rid of Channel 5 and most BBC Digital radio channels we've been at a bit of a loss. We're thinking of getting a new digibox, and if that doesn't work asking the Eldonians to have a look at the TV ariel.

Apart from that we've been Christmas shopping, well, buying stuff on-line really. It's a lazy way to do things but it's very stress free. Amazon is an angel. That and we're sorting out Christmas dinner for our mates - should be good.

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