Friday, November 11, 2005

Things I have learnt in the last week

For some reason the Guradian and the BBC Magazine has been a wealth of useless and misleading facts and information this week. My favourites have been:
  1. The tear duct is the warmest part of the human body (more so then the core temprature??)
  2. Botanists can't tell the differnce between broccoli and caluiflower- (on a micro scale obviously)
  3. There are 40 more Starbucks in London then there in Manhatten (London's an awful lot bigger than Manhatten, not they doen't say New York)

Obviously you can't believe everything you read in the newspapers! If anyone has any information on these wonderful facts do e-mail in (

In other news I've had another full week in uni - that's nice, I've been paid (sort of) and I even had a chance to go girly shoe shopping. Quiet night in with home made lasagnia tonight I think, I might even make some kind of lovely pudding, on the basis I had a really nasty blueberry muffin from Upper Crust this morning (it was just tasted overly of fake lemon juice - and not of blueberrys)

Pete has the weekend off so we have a indlugent weekend planned of not doing much, perhaps a museum, maybe some vintage shopping- perhaps, even brunch!

Other exciting news - the veg bag produced sprouts this week :)

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