Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yesterday we realied we we were old - well, at least not kids anymore.

We're sat in Quiggin's cafe bar. We have to be cool just be association, suerly. Anyway theres a load of 16/17 year olds with PSP's. thier not released for a few days yet and it took us a little while to twig they were selling them, or at least marketing them (in fact the kind of stunt I might have dremt up If I'd have got a job with making waves). There were a couple of cool guys and a girl just pretty enough so you'd look twice but not so pretty youd rule her out (this is according to Pete). They show the PSPs to everyone in a 'hey dude - wanna have a look' -thats everyone but us.

Pete thought it was very funny the one person in the room who would probably be best interested in it compleatly galnced over because I assume we don't fit thier profile. Ofcourse they may well have overheard me discuss th high rate of dead pixels, the easy scratchable/ smudgebale screen, the slightly dodgy button, the umd / movie prices and so on.

Even though I have no intetion of buying one it still would have been nice to be asked!

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