Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Well thats my birthday money spent, well some of it anyway. In case you were wondering it when on:
  • American Gothic on DVD
  • A Bagle Guillotine Al-la The O.C.
  • The first Latin Playboys CD
  • Bruce Cambell's Autobiography 'If Chins Could Kill'.
  • Oh, and my 'Video games made me do it' t-shirt
So thats me, a happy bunny and probably the last spending spree I can do for a while, or until I get a job anyway, what with Pete having quite Nero, and the enchewing domino effect of James quitting as well.
Feeling quite nautical today, but mainly it's due to my stripy breton top that was a pressie from Pete's folks. The flats still a tip by the way, not having sorted out our 15 mins a day routine, and because the living room is now taken up with two huge speakers. We've got an inspection next week so it all has to be tidy by then.

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