Friday, August 05, 2005

Some randomly exciting news, well for me anyway. While I don't really care who or how many pople visit the site, it's always nice to know. July's figures were double June, and August looks set to be just as good. It would appear re-jigging the site, adding the blog and stuff has been worth it!!!

No news on the job front, the closing date for Swansea and Warrington have both closed so I'm hopeful to hear something soon. busy cnavassing Liverpool for a new job for Pete, glad he and James have inally got the guts to leave Nero, lovely shop, lovely coffee slightly questionable working practices.

I'm not a big one for fashion, especially not transient stuff but I've been eyeing up boy scouts / trucker shirts for a while and I finally found one that wasn't boys junior or a size 8 (so it actually fits over my hefty chest) A bit of an impusle buy I admit, but never mind, I've not brought that much of late, I'll justify it later!!

The flat's looking swish, we sorted out the speakers and a new amplifier. it does mean the living room is totally surrounded by stuff, but music sounds very good out of the speakers, and the tie in the bar quite nicely. I spent a day yesterday tidying and vacuuming, justifyably proud of my efforts.

Oh, in case you hadn't already guessed, I've joined Danny Wallace's / BBC new coutry thing:

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