Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fathers 4 Justice have set up around the corner .. again. Last time they left Batman up a crane for four days, he only went up for an afternoon, and then only came down when the crane was struck by lighting for a second time. I wonder if Spidy will fare any better!

Do you think theres a really nerdy campaigner that spemds ages making exact replicas of really obscure super-hero costumes only to be laughed at by the rest of them?

I'm sure they think sitting on top of the magistrates court is the way forward, not sure I agree but ever mind.

Our fridge is impressivly full at the moment, We've got Charlotte, Doug and Evie staying the night and we went a little bit nuts in Asda last night, confirming we shouldn't be allowed in supermarkets, not that I didn't go a bit nuts last time I was at the farmers market, but this is just silly! New draining rack brightens up the kitchen a bit though.

Talking of shopping at stuff, brought a LCD monitor at long last. got very fed up with the tiny 14inch CRT. We spent Sunday at the Mersey Way retail park and decided it was a sensible purchase. I'm just thinking I should hve brought one ages ago.

With the computer on I should probably do some work / eat lunch / sort out the laundry - you know, grown up stuff!

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