Thursday, August 18, 2005

And so, with the purchase of a pasta machine in scope this morning we really have reached the limit of 'everything we could ever possibly need to buy for the kicthen' You name it, we have it - impressive really, we just have to remember to use it all now!

The continental markets in town so we've just had a french present esqu lunch of fresh bread, juicy olives and nice artisan cheese, Very lovely stuff. Ooh and it's the farmers market on saturday and the veg box should be here any second! This ethical living things a bit of an alright really!

We also made some new art for the flat, more funky bottles from the bar and an Elvis poster.

Exciting News, Jess got into the Uni of her choice, so she's off to Northumbria in September, and Pete starts work at Starbucks on Wednesday, providing Whittards don't give him a job first. It's all go around here.

We also have a date for the final year show - September 12th at Fact, more details avilable on request, Mum and Dad are coming over for it, should be great! Now if I can just finish my project!

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