Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well, with any luck this should be my last weekend working a crappy minimum wage job! Yeah Me! Proper paying jobs or nothing, I want to be the other side of the counter *stomps foot*

Pete's gone home this weekend, he set off at 5:30am to beat traffic and he should be there by now! It means I've a night of slobbing in front of the telly with no one to try and steal the bean bag, or a night playing sims with out anyone complaining all I care about is the little people in my computer, I'm pretty sure I'll have finished book 10 of series of unfortunate events by then.

Uni works going well, it's all comming togther nicely, as is the job serach. I'm also amused to find out the new media MA think I'm really intelligent becuase I've got an Engineering Bsc - It's very silly.

The flats a tip, but we've got guests in a few weeks so a solid goal to work towards means it's likely the flat will be sparkaling - always a good thing!! We're aiming to set up a system where we both do at least 15 mins fo cleaning a day, who said Wife swap doesn't teach you anything.

oooh, there's a new dilemma up: Would you rather lose your hearing or your right arm? It's a tricky one (thanks to Captian Farrel from the Gorum). e-mail me your answers and I'll post them up.

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