Monday, May 30, 2005

What a lovely few days - it's been nice and sun, and I think I've caught the sun a little. I've been in work, but ast least it pays the bills. I brought James from work home with me yesterday and we fed him nice food and drank beer in the garden. He ended up staying the night because he missed the last train. ~ Sorry!

And today we were both in work -very odd to start at the same time. Work was dead so we stayed 3 hours, managed to squeeze in lunch together and got sent home. Being such a nice day we headed first to H&M to buy things to change into and lie about in the sun on the grass outside the three graces. Liverpool is a lovely city in the right light.

Now we've got a silly night of DVD's ahead of us, but for the moment it's listen agin to Sorry I haven't a Clue!!!!!

Charlotte, Doug and Evie should be visiting tomorrow - can't wait.

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