Monday, May 16, 2005

I'm back! Playful subjects was good fun, nice food, interesting points, lovely people etc. Quite a nice Youth Hostle they've got in Bristol, fairly impressive breakfast, but not as nice as Barry's sounded (he stayed at the Marriot around the corner - they had Black Pudding for breakfast)

What I do like is the old adadge 'And The Geek shall Inherit the Earth' really is true. All you have to mention is a full set of Buffy comics, or you used to chair a roleplaying gropup and you've still got your dice and doors fling open. Great Stuff. Who knew studying sci-fi could have proved so useful.

I still have this lovely dream that getting a job at Lionhead or something wouldn't rest on the letters after my name, or my obvious perfectness for the job, but a really jammy D20 roll in a fight against Molyneux.

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