Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I cycled into Uni for the first time yesterday - I'm about to do the same again today (now it's stopped looking like it's about to rain) One thing for Liverpool, it's really not bike freindly, all those cars!!! I really just wan't a T-Shirt that says something like 'Cars are Scary' or 'You sure you want me on the roads...I'm not very good at this'

I can't say I feel all that much healthier, mind you I'm still full from the Creol Inspired Feast the other night.

Got a Los Lobos CD through the post, just waiting for the Latin Playboys CD then I think I'll be satisifed (for a bit) on the mexian music splurge. Good Summery stuff.

Project not withstanding We've got a busy time of it over the next few weeks, Pete's off home this week, We're off to London for a family convergance in a few weeks. Then there's Taj Mahal and Brian Wilson in June! Yeah, I like being busy, makes me feel like a real person.

Off to see Star Wars tonight. I don't have high hopes for it, so I'l let you know what I thought.

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