Thursday, May 12, 2005

Hmm, Pete's ordering a pizza as I type - good lad! It's a shame Domino's doesn't deliver to this address, As lovely as The American Pizza Slice is, not quite as naughty as I was in the mood for. Ho Hum, T-Minus 40- mins till Pizza Joy!


My watch broke, my first grown up watch (the swatch one I brought on the way back from France a few years back to stop Pete from teasing me about not bing able to tell the time) . Anyway, according to the bloke in Timpson's the battery wasn't dead, the watch was. Cue frantic running around town in the 2 hour gap between finishing work at 3 and meeting Pete at 5, all this without a watch to look at to check I wan't being late, worse still for some reason I'd left my mobile phone in the bathroom (??) so I found myself detouring past the big screen outside Tesco's just to check the time.

I did see a few watches I liked in Argos, but since money was tight I headed to the Index closing down sale and they had nothing I could possibly live with on my wrist. Headed back to Argos to look at the Mickey mouse watch, brought that, way too big for my arm, so I tried to ex-change that for the minney mouse (It was pink, I assumed it would be better proportioned for my wrist) only to watch the shop assistant break it trying to get it off the stand thingy. Suffice to say that did nothing for my confidence in the product!

I ended up in H Samuel buing a pretty purple Harry Potter Watch, it's got Hedwig on it and better still it was in the sale. It does look like I'm doomed to wear kids watches forever.
Playful Subjects tomorrow. Train leaves Liverpool at 7:40, meeting Ian in Birmingham then have to find our way to the Youth Hostle. Is it wrong to admit this is my first foray into Youth Hostle's and I'm slightly scared about the whole thing?

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